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So late

Posted by fabricatedemons on 2006.05.19 at 17:28
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I'm terribly embarrassed that I haven't had the chance to update the Crones' LJ site properly until now. Instead of backlogging past challenges, however, I've decided to post up May's.

I hope you have more time to answer the challenges than I do. It's so very sad...

Due to nature and the gift of summer weather, we will be extending all future challenges an extra month until further notice. This challenge is for May-June, so that means you have an extra month to really search yourself for some really stellar work you'd like to create and contribute. Because you have a little more time, the challenges are going to get a little bit tougher, not much, but just enough. I do hope that this won't discourage, but will encourage you all to give it everything you've got.


Since there is a reader's group on forum now reading The Dragonlance Chronicles, I thought it would be fun to try your hand at a Dragonlance short story. That's right ladies and gentlemen, take your favorite character or aspect from the Dragonlance world and give them a short story. Explore their past on your own terms, or just put them up against a challenge you think might be interesting for that character to face.
Oh, and if you're not part of the reader's group, but would like to partake, it's not too late. We've set our conversations up in sections, so everyone is welcome to stop by the Dragonlance Forum and join us (insert link here.)


This month's poetry challenge is going to be just that, a challenge. We want to see you write a mini-heroic epic. Invoke the muses, arm your hero, and send him of into a some glorious challenge. Or maybe your hero is a heroine. Arm her with jewelry, make-up, and a glorious outfit, then send her off to battle the world. This should be written in some kind of verse, experiment a little, have some fun. If you're looking for an example of an Epic, you might try browsing through the Iliad or the Odyssey (though NO ONE EXPECTS YOU TO GO THAT FAR out of your way in constructing your epic.) Keep it simple. Check around online for the conventions and criteria, but really be brave and adventurous with this. Break the rules if you must, but remember, this should be a lot of fun!


Since we're dabbling in the fantastic, show us how you define fantasy! Reading and writing Dragonlance and working on mini-epics has really put me in the mood, and I would love to see how you capture the fantastic. Paint a dragon, Draw a castle, photograph some stone circles. Just take us to that place where dragons, knights and faeries rome.

In honor of this FANTASTIC month, stop by the forums and visit our new . Arthurian Legends forum. You are absolutely free share everything you know about The Once and Future King, or you're welcome to take a seat beside the fire and learn from some of the experts.

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