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tumbling squid

Happy Birthday, fellow Crones!

Posted by fabricatedemons on 2006.06.11 at 17:53
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It's our very first birthday!! Happy Birthday CoC! In honor of our one year anniversary we will be unveiling a ton of surprises, so keep your eyes peeled!! Now everyone knows that you can't have a party without games and prizes. That's right, you heard the word prizes!! We will be kicking off the celebration with a special writer's competition open to all members. All submissions will be specially featured and then members will be asked to pop over to the forums to vote for their favorite stories during the last week of June.

Contest details hereCollapse )

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So late

Posted by fabricatedemons on 2006.05.19 at 17:28
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I'm terribly embarrassed that I haven't had the chance to update the Crones' LJ site properly until now. Instead of backlogging past challenges, however, I've decided to post up May's.

I hope you have more time to answer the challenges than I do. It's so very sad...

May-June Newsletter & ChallengesCollapse )

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Another Announcement

Posted by fabricatedemons on 2006.01.05 at 09:23
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All right everyone, I hope you're all ready for February, the shortest month of
the year but the biggest month for fun at Circle of Crones. We have a lot of
excellent things planned for February, including some awesome challenges, and a
contest in which you will be able to win an actual prize. . . Yes, ladies and
gentleman, you heard me correctly. We will be holding a contest in February
where you will be able to win an actual prize. So stay tuned to Crones over the
next few days to learn what and how.

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February Challenges

Posted by fabricatedemons on 2006.02.03 at 08:06
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That's right everybody, we are challenging you to get out and review, review, review. The user with the most reviews at the end of February will win a unique, the first ever Circle of Crones coffee mug as soon as our Cafe Press Store is up and running. The rules are simple: Reviews by Staff at Crones don’t count; the reviews have to be genuine reviews, showing that the readers actually read the stories, poems, etc., and didn't just review to win the prize.

Writer's Challenge:

In honor of Valentine's day, we are challenging you to write an opposites attract story. Think of all those relationships that start out with nothing but disagreement and bickering only to have the couple wind up together in the end. All throughout history, literature and television have given us couples like Fox Mulder and Dana Scully of X-files fame, Ron and Hermione in the Harry Potter Series, and even back to the nursery rhyme about Jack Sprat whose wife was fat, while he was lean. This story may be fanfiction in any world, or original work, but if you do decide to do a fanfiction for this challenge, please do not make your character relationship cliché in its behaviour. There are natural ways to flesh out this kind of relationship without overdoing it.

Poet's Challenge:

Everyone's had one that they remember, so now we challenge you to write a first kiss poem. However, the challenge of this poem doesn't stop there. Oh no, we want you to really test your poetic muscles by writing this in the form of a villanelle. For more information on how to craft a villanelle, please visit the forums for complete tutorial and example so that you can create a perfect villanelle. complete tutorial and exampleCollapse )

tumbling squid

January Challenges

Posted by fabricatedemons on 2006.01.08 at 15:25
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The latest challenges on the Circle of Crones Archive are as follows:

Fiction Challenge : Folke or Faerie Tale retelling. This is your chance to retell your favourite folktale or faerie tale, either twisting it completely, giving a random character the focal voice, twisting the perspective, etc. For example, you could tell a story about how Goldy Locks was sent to live with the Three Bears as her foster family. You could tell the story from Baby Bear's perspective after they're all grown up... or maybe Goldy Locks wrote a horrible non-fiction book that exposed the Bear Family for what it was. . . A modern day Cinderella story or Cinderella told from a male pov...

Poetry Challenge: Write a humorous poem (that rhymes in a silly way...) about the hassle of making/keeping New Years Resolutions.

Art Challenge: In light of the birth of Baby New Year, we'd like you to come up with a photograph, painting, drawing, etc., which depicts your perspective on rebirth.

tumbling squid

Hello and welcome!

Posted by fabricatedemons on 2006.01.06 at 19:31
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Whether you've stumbled across this community through livejournal or have found us via our website, Circle of Crones, we're glad that our little community interests you.

The Circle is comprised of writers, artists, and poets who express themselves through their craft and don't mind sharing their work with others on the internet. This includes original fiction, fanfiction, original art and art that was inspired by other fan-verses. Of course, we have our fair share of people who simply enjoy reading stories and/or poems, or admiring artwork and occasionally leaving a comment or two. Be you a lurker or an artist, the invitation to join our archive and forum community is always open, and we hope you take advantage of it.

Though the circle originally started as a small group of women (as you might guess, considering the "crone" title), we have expanded nicely this first year and even opened a set of forums so that everyone could get to know each other better. Besides the abundance of spam (which is contained in its own forum--probably the most frequented forum, unsurprisingly), there are many resources available, including advertisement of your newest art/fic/poem, recommendations, critique/review offers, beta services, drabble games and other writing challenges, and an ongoing network of support, even for the dreaded writer's block. Sound interesting? Check out the forums.

This livejournal is going to be used as an update for news, contests, challenges, and anything else that the crones find interesting, so if you'd like to friend us and keep updated, please do.